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30 Something

Created and Written by Phil Scott and Catherine Alcorn

Blow your wig and top up your giggle juice. You’re gonna party like it’s 1939!


Step back in time to New Years Eve, 1939, Bohemia Kings Cross. 


She’s been wowing Hollywood, he’s been touring Queanbeyan, but on the last night of the decade, maestro of mischief Phil Scott and powerhouse canary Catherine Alcorn reunite for a thrilling joyride back to their 18 karat lounge act to count you down to the end of a very dramatic era; politics, great depression, booze…and that’s just in the dressing room!


30 Something is an immersive party taking audiences back to the speak-easier days via a 21st Century lens. Through a kaleidoscope of traditional and reimagined music, hilarious social commentary and stunning similarities to then and now, 30 Something is an unapologetic celebration of Sydney’s history, how far she's come...and how far she hasn’t!


Featuring music by Fats Waller, Irving Berlin, Cab Colloway, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Prince and more!


"Delicious! Alcorn and Scott turn out to be hilarious solo and together and a musical partnership made in heaven."



"Highly entertaining evening of quality cabaret."


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